Botox & Dysport

Despite our best efforts, facial wrinkles and crows feet become more prominent as we age.  BOTOX®/Dysport® treatments will safely and effectively smooth these areas and relax your facial muscles.  They can also prevent future wrinkles from developing so that you can sustain a more youthful appearance.  You will love how this treatment smoothes the lines around your problem areas in just a few days.  Untreated muscles still work normally, so you can continue to express feelings naturally.  It’s the lines that are minimized, not your expressions.  This treatment, performed with little or no discomfort, will temporarily improve your wrinkles for up to six months in a way that suits your style.  And no one will know — unless you tell them!

Can BOTOX®/Dysport® also be used for men?

Absolutely!  What millions of women have known for almost a decade — that medical neurorotoxins such as BOTOX® /Dysport® are relatively painless injections and are an exceptionally efficient way to look and feel their best!  Millions of men are now turning to non- and minimally-invasive procedures to look younger, sexier and more competitive in the workplace.  Botox for men, now more popularly known as “Brotox” — is a real thing, and it’s definitely here to stay.